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650 High Quality Presets

Representing a full range of lush pads, acoustic instruments, articulated woodwinds, and a ton of synth and lead sounds. We have an affinity for old school synths of the 80’s and 90’s, so listen for your favorite analog synth waves in here as well. 

High Quality Desktop Level Samples

        8.0GB Samples

        6GB Compression

        1,000 Sounds     

        21,715 Samples

        120 Wavetables

In partnership with Overloud™, we have the full version of the famous Vintage Keyboard FX Suite of effects readily available. We also have licensed a ton of other high quality effects, all with very lush, warm, and vintage sounds. 

All effect parameters are modulatatable

20 High Qality Effects

iOS Audio Features


iOS 11+


Virtual MIDI

Virtual Keyboard MIDI Out

Dynamic Scrolling

MIDI Learn

Background Audio


Save any preset or sound to your favorites. Recall all favorites from the category or from the entire library.

Random Preset Generator

With the click of a single button, automatically create a new preset within the same vein as the existing preset. This makes for thousands of new preset combinations.

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