Pure Synth Platinum, is not just another synth, but an architecture. Our goal for Pure Synth Platinum was to develop a platform and a methodology from which all synths would be derived. We spent almost a year and a half designing this architecture and coming up with a way that we could easily swap in and out sounds, while remaining unique. We spent a great amount of time studying every single synth and it’s architecture. So we picked all of the good of each synth and put them in PSP. We also found out something interesting: Most of the main synth functions all boil down to only a few main core synth functions. Every synth has oscillators that go through an AMP, through a Filter, through an LFO, then through effects. This synth architecture has been around for ages and has not changed. So since the synthesis architecture is pretty much fixed and has not changed in ages, our goal was to develop a way for us to introduce new sounds and sample sets to run through the fixed synthesis.

This is where PSP shines. Using the MachFive/UVI framework of sample streaming and purging, we are able to seamlessly swap in and out, not only samples, but complete eXpansion packs without sacrificing CPU or RAM. Think of, say, a Yamaha Motif, except with the ability to load in another 10GB of sampled sounds, without ever running out of memory, due to UVI’s sophisticated streaming technology. You see, with sample streaming you are only loading in a small portion of the sample (usually the attack portion), while the the rest of the sample is streamed from the hardrive. Purging means that the rest of the unused sounds are purged (i.e. not loaded) so you don’t have to flood your RAM with sounds that are not active. When the sound is needed, then it is unpurged and a portion is loaded for streaming. This is how we are able to create a virtual instrument similar to your hardware.

Rompler and Raw Waveforms

With the PSP platform, you get the best of both worlds! With many of our eXpansions, you will get full blown rompler based sounds directly from the hardware synth. This is pretty standard, but what most other manufacturers don’t give you are the raw waveforms. You see, most people just want the experience of owning the actual hardware without having to worry about learning synthesis and programming. In this case we give you just the final sampled patches taken directly from the hardware, with minimal modulation and filtering. Best of all, we think that the effects in UVI are some of the best in any platform, so in many respects, you are making the hardware sound better by pairing it with better effects than the actual hardware. Furthermore, if you are a synth-head and love creating your own patches, then we give you the raw waveforms from the actual synth, so you have total control and creativity over your sounds. You can shape them however you want.

As an added bonus, we even will pair the raw sample, with it’s wavetable equivalent for a very thick and warm sound. Because the wavetable is derived directly from the sample, it has the same frequency and timbre, so it will blend well. You can also change the PWM of the wavetable to make the sound even more fatter. All this is possible, because M5 is not just a sampler, but a full blown synthesizer machine, with added synthesis options such as Ring Modulation, and Bit Crushing effects.

Never before, has this level of multi-synthesis been offered!