The TGX-99 is a Yamaha SY-99/TG-77 virtual instrument sample library based off of the Pure Synth Platinum platform. In keeping with the amazing structure of as PSP, we have included ALL of the  raw sample waveforms from the actual hardware. You get 4-oscillators in which to combine your waveforms as well as two filters, and two LFOs per oscillator. The arp and gate can be global or per oscillator as well as global and per oscillator effects, depending on the template you choose. In many ways the TGX-99 rivals that of the actual hardware, because of the added modulation sources, the number and quality of effects as well as greater polyphony. The goal of the TGX-99 is to virtually put the feeling of the actual hardware right into your hands.

Since the SY99 contained one of the most sophisticated and advanced FM engines (AFM and RCM) of any of the Yamaha keyboards, we could not replicate this. In fact no one really can. So in order to compensate, we have included a re-creation of the the original 128 factory presets from the actual hardware by using sampling, synthesis, and sophisticated UVI scripting techniques. We were even able to model the actual reverbs of the unit in order to provide the most realistic experience possible to owning the hardware.


The Yamaha SY-99 was one of the most remarkable synthesizers ever made. It was one of the first synthesizers to combine synthesis and samples in one machine. The SY-99 was a full blown DX7 on steroids, because it used a more Advanced FM synthesis (AFM) than even that of the DX synthesizers as well as what Yamaha called RCM. This synth was the precursor to the EX5. The SY99 actually is 100% fully compatible with all of the FM DX synths, and when you add a large selection of samples to it, you could create some incredible sounds. Even until this day, the SY99 reigns supreme as one of the best sounding synths ever made. From the incredibly expressive EPs, to the deep moog style bass sounds, the SY99 has an incredible arsenal of sounds that varies across the entire spectrum of sounds. This is probably one of the most beloved synths ever made and now we are able to bring a piece of history to you, for a fraction of the cost.


  1. Sampled at 96kHz/24-bit using an Apogee Rosetta  200 for pristine A/D conversion

  2. Dithered down to 44kHz/16-bit using iZotope MBIT+ Advanced Dithering

  3. Uses FLAC Lossless compression for faster streaming, loading, and RAM optimization

  4. Contains the complete set of raw waveforms minus individual drum sounds

  5. Drum kit sounds are included in in the preset patches

  6. Modeled Impulse Responses of the hardware’s reverb unit

  7. Includes the hardware’s original 128 factory presets and 64 Wave Rom Presets