1. 1.Analog Oscillator - This is your classic analog oscillator with the classic waveform types (Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse). Some important aspects about this virtual analog oscillator is the inclusion of  Polarity and Phase parameters as well as Hardsync with Shift; Detune, Stereo Spread, with voice options. LFO 2 has the capabilities to modulate the Shift and PWM of the analog oscillator for some really creative sounds.

  2. 2.FM Synth - This is your classic FM synth with four operators. You can control the Ratios and Levels of each operator, as well as the Feedback. All of the MachFive presets are included for starting points. LFO 2 can modulate the ratio levels independently or all at once.

  3. 3.Noise Generator - This noise generator includes a sundry of different noise types such as: Band, Blue, Lorenz, Pink, Rossler, Sample & Hold, Static 1, Static 1, Violet, and White. For some of the noise generators there are other parameters such as: Bandwidth, Density, and Rate.

  4. 4.Sample Playback - If we did not include any of the synthesis parameters, Pure Synth would still be an amazing synth in its own right, just because of the samples. There are 328 individual sampled sounds spanning all categories from acoustic, to synth. The categories include: Bass, Bells and Mallets, Brass and Poly, Digital, FX, Guitars, Instruments, Keys, Orchestral, Pads, Vox, Waves and Synths.





  1. 5.Transient/Drum - This is a dual transient and drum oscillator used to produce transient type of noises and acts as a full blown analog drum synthesizer. We have included all of the analog drum presets from MOTU’s BPM.

  2. 6.Superwave - This is a 8-Oscillator stack. You can stack up to 8 individual oscillators with independent control over PWM, Phase, Gain, Pan, Octave, Semitone, Fine Tune, and Pitch. This one oscillator alone has incredible power and depth. The LFO 2 can modulate the PWM of individual waves or all of them at the same time.

  3. 7.Wavetable - This is your traditional single cycle wavetables and there are over 1,600 of them spanning all categories such as: Bass, FM, Computer/Digital, FX, Granular, Instruments. Keys. Leads, Pads, Synths, Vox, Waveforms, and  wavetables from a ton of different vintage and digital synthesizers. We have also included some amazing wavetables curtesy of Adventure Kid, who has one of the largest collections of single cycle wavetables in the world.

  4. 8.Sub Oscillator - Dedicated sub oscillator with Sine, Saw, and Triangle waveform options. You can also control the PWM and octave settings.