Pure Sine Urban Synth and Pure Synth Platinum are very close relatives. You see, Pure Sine was our very first plugin we’ve done with UVI. It was a simple concept: Re-produce that classic R&B/Gospel sine lead sound with portamento. A lot of gospel and urban musicians have been looking for this sound for years and we knew that this would be a killer sound, because it is so sought after. We capitalized on UVI’s synth capabilities and knew it’s potential. Pure sine was a very simple concept, but yielded very incredible and useful bass, leads, and that classic urban synth stack sound that you hear on a ton of gospel and R&B remixes.

After the success of Pure Sine, we thought: “Wow, wouldn’t it be amazing to put Pure Sine on steroids by offering all of the synthesis capabilities, control section, effects, samples, and all of the technologies that UVI has to offer. Hence you have Pure Synth Platinum, which is the big brother and successor to Pure Sine. As a result, we are including Pure Sine as a part of Pure Synth as a free update. We are reaffirming our commitment to our flagship product: Pure Synth® Platinum.

Pure Sine Audio Demos

Bonus Update

  1. Current Pure Synth Owners can download Version 1.1 for FREE

  2. New Version 1.1 Includes Pure Sine for FREE

  3. Includes all of the original Pure Sine Presets

  4. Includes all of the Pure Sine Urban Stack Samples

  5. One universal soundbank contains Pure Synth and Pure Sine in one package