MonoFonik is a monophonic synthesizer eXpansion for Pure Synth® Platinum. What makes this synth expansion so unique is that it has absolutely no samples. It is 100% pure synthesis. The crux behind MonoFonik is to provide a monophonic synthesizer in that produces amazing leads and synth bass sounds. Samples are good for some things, but for leads and synth bass sounds you need the benefit of a Pure Synth, especially when wanting to hear slide and glide notes that don’t re-trigger and because it is monophonic, the CPU is ultra low. What sets MonoFonik and the entire Pure Synth® architecture above other synths is the incredible amount of control you have over your sound. You get 4-independent oscillators with synth specific LFO modulators. We have aftertouch, two filters, two LFO’s and even two control modes, for those crazy sounds that no one could ever make.

Bonus Stepper

As a bonus we have “tricked” out MonoFonik with close to 2,000 custom wavetables expanding every area of sound needed. Along with all of the other 7 synthesis types (Transient, Superwave, Analog, Wavetable, Noise Generator, Sub Oscillator, FM, Morphtable), MonoPhonik can produce some of the most amazing synth bass sounds and crazy lead sounds. We have also included a custom Step-Recorder. This is similar to an Arp, except you can control your own sequences. You hit the record button, and play the notes in sequence that you want the Arp to play. Then you hit a note and it will play that sequence in step. You can set the amount of groove, steps, length, lock together. The record function even records your velocity from your keyboard for special accents and articulations


We have added a brand new synthesis type to MonoFonik. It is called MorphTable. The morphtable allows you to  choose three different wavetables and seamlessly morph or crossfade them together. We have provided two crossfading algorithms for different morphing sounds. We have also connected the X-Fade knob to the LFO for those crazy Dubstep type of bass sounds. Each Wavetable has it’s own separate PWM in which to control the waveforms as well. The beauty lies in picking three sounds that are nothing alike and modulating the Crossfade for some crazy bass tones. 

Preset Save and Load

We have also produced our own preset system. You can now load and save presets to and from your hardrive (MonoFonik Only). The files will save with an extension called .monofonik and now you have the ability to use your own operating system’s file system. Since all of the information is loaded at once, the presets load in less than seconds. Now you have a convenient way to make your own presets and recall them, store them, catalog them, and tag your own patches.

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