Have you ever wondered why you could never find a software synthesizer that is as good sounding and flexible as the hardware synthesizer/keyboards such as a Motif, Fantom, or Kronos? Have you ever wished you could just pull up an array of patches and sounds just like you would with your hardware keyboard or synth? Remember the old days when a synth or keyboard had a ton of sounds that did not sound realistic, but had a ton of character, expressiveness, and was just down right fun to play? Well, this is what Pure Synth is!

Pure Synth Platinum (PSP) is a software based rompler AND synthesis library that has all of the bread-and-butter samples of a traditional hardware keyboard, combined with all of the synthesis techniques available in the most complex of digital and analog synthesizers. That is the concept of Pure Synth Platinum: We give you a "pure synth" in which to create any sound imaginable, rather than just giving you rompler style static samples that you cannot tweak much. Worst of all, if you ever want new inspiration and new sounds, you have to keep buying a ton of expansion packs with more samples, when you'd rather create your own unique custom sounds with the software you already have. But what if you are not a synth programmer? That is fine! We have professional synth programmers from around the world ready and willing to program new patches, so that you don't have to do all of the work.



  1. 5.2GB (uncompressed) Samples

  2. 2.1 GB FLAC Losses Compression (HQ)

  3. 514 Presets (More Presets to come)

  4. 6,232 Multi-Samples

  5. 328 Individual Sample Waveforms used for oscillators

  6. Over 1,600 Wavetables with PWM

  7. Over 30 Different effects per oscillator

  8. Analog Synthesizer with PWM and Sync

  9. 8-Oscillator Superwave for phat stacked synths

  10. Transient Drum Synth for drum and/or transient sounds

  11. FM Synthesizer with 6-Operators

  12. Dedicated Sub Oscillator

  13. White Noise Generator with 11 different generators

  14. ASR-10/DP4 Warm Reverb Emulations

  15. 2-Filters per Oscillator with over 50 different filter choices

  16. Classic Oberheim Xpander Filter emulations with 37 modes

  17. 2-LFO’s per Oscillator (LFO 2 to modulate PWM, Sync, and FM parameters)

  18. Arp/Gate per Oscillator for Complex Sequences

Synthesis and Rompler

Our goal with PSP was to create a very unique hybrid synthesizer/
rompler combo that would act as a complete synthesizer. For those of you who don’t know what a rompler is: A rompler is sample based player where, in many cases, the effects, LFO, amp, and other synthesis techniques are “caked” into the samples. Sure with a rompler, you can tweak the sounds and add effects, but the control you have is limited. Conversely, a synthesizer gives you the raw analog/digital waveforms in which to tweak your own sounds and control the actual wave shaping parameters of the your sound. The bad thing about pure synthesis oscillators (wavetable, FM, analog) is that they are not good for acoustic type of instruments.

This is where PSP comes in! You actually get all of the acoustic waveforms indicative of what samples offer as well as an amazing arsenal of digital and analog synthesis techniques: Analog, Wavetable, FM, Transient/Drum, Sub Oscillator, and Noise Generator.

Combining synthesis and rompler samples allows you to create a very unique hybrid sound, so you can shape and create your sounds how you like. Most of the EDM stuff out there is really starting to all sound the same and we didn’t want to do that. We wanted to create a very unique platform in which you feel as if you have a REAL synthesizer. That’s what made old school synthesizers such as the JD-800, D-50, EX5, and the Wavestation so unique. They had their own character and personality and the sound was original and special! This is what PSP aims to do and we feel we have done it very well.