Full blown rompler with over 6,000 multi-samples and 328 Raw waveform. FLAC lossless compression for fast loading and high quality sounds.



7 Analog and digital synthesis techniques per oscillator. Featuring Hardsync, Detune and Unison and Pulse-Width Modulation.
Over 1,600 Wavetables spanning all synth and organic wave categories. Many wavetables were taken from the top vintage synths.


FM Synth with 11 different routings and 4-operators. Feedback and ratio controls. LFO can control operator levels. FM presets available for a good starting point.

FM Synths

514 High quality presets spanning the genre of EDM and organic sounds. Additional sound banks can be added in the future. New samples from different synths will make up NEW sound banks as well.


Over 30 different effects total are available per each oscillator. This is not even including Filter 1 which contains another 20 or so filter effects that can be controlled via mod wheel. That’s over 50 high quality effects per oscillator.


One thing that separates the MachFive framework from any other architecture out there is the synthesis capabilities. Many people think samples first when it comes to a sound library, when in actuality, there are so many other ways in which to create a sound. We have single handily, through PSP, given you close to 90% of all of M5’s synthesis capabilities loaded into one complete synth. From analog oscillators, all the way to FM synthesis, we have given you a complete taste of most of what M5 can do, all in this one synth.

Some synths are wavetable synthesizers. Some are analog synths. Others are FM based. Pure Synth Platinum is all of them plus samples. Never before have you had this level of control and possibilities with a synth such as this. You can’t grow tired of a real synth. You just get new inspiration and create!



One of the main reasons why we chose the MachFive/UVI framework was the amazing effects that it offers. Pure Synth Platinum offers over 30 effects per oscillator with an average of 5-10 effects presets for each effect. That’s an amazing amount of power and flexibility. We would have to say that the amazing arsenal of effects that UVI/M5 offers is astounding. The good thing is that the effects system is not an afterthought. You know how some sampler systems offer an incredible amount of sample capabilities, but the effects side of the architecture is sub-par. This is not the case with MachFive. Their effects are as good as the sample capabilities. To top it all off, the effects system is very low in CPU, so you can feel free to stack on effects. Many of MachFive effects are so good that they can stand alone as their own separate effects unit, such as the SparkVerb and the Ensemble 505™.


When you load up an instance of a Pure Synth patch, you are actually loading close to 328 multi-samples available at your disposal. After the patch/preset is loaded, you have at your disposal all of the sample waveforms, along with 1,600 single-cycled wavetables. All of these sounds can be chosen from various sound categories and the load time is fast. Unlike many other samplers out there, MachFive deploys a very sophisticated and exclusive streaming and purging algorithm. When a patch is loaded, it only loads the the sounds that are used for that preset: When we say load, we are referring to the buffer allocation needed in order to stream and not the entire samples. The other samples are purged and are not loaded. When switching in and out sampled sounds, there is constant loading and purging going on that keeps the RAM and sample loading very efficient. As a result, the I engine allows for dynamic loading of newly referenced samples. This is something that is very exclusive to the UVI platform.


  1. New single mode for loading next generation of UVI sounds and instruments

  2. Compatible with the UVI scripted instruments

  3. Powerful Arpeggiator, extremely flexible and complete

  4. Easy to use Search Engine to find what you’re looking for quickly

  5. Universal compatibility Mac | PC

  6. Operate in full 64 bits on Mac | PC

  7. Manage instruments and loops in the same interface

  8. Smart integrated browser

  9. Convenient mixing environment with meters, mute, solo, volume, pan ...

  10. Unlimited parts

  11. Up to 64 MIDI channels

  12. Disk streaming per part

  13. Multiple separate outputs

  14. MIDI learn

  15. Expert mode

  16. Cross-platform Multi’s & all host compatible

  17. Unlimited FX

  18. Complete professional effects arsenal, with easy editing (delay, reverb, phaser, chorus, EQ, filter, drive, distortion, compressor...)

  19. Excellent sounding convolution reverb

  20. Direct sync to host : tempo & transport

  21. State-of-the-art real-time time-stretch algorithm

  22. Real-time sync to the beat: loops are always in time

  23. Latch mode

  24. Sample/Slice Start for loops and phrases

  25. Drag & Drop MIDI & Audio

  26. Import REX files, Apple Loops, AIFF, WAV and more...

  27. Expandable with all UVI sounds and instruments

  28. Direct connection to the UVI.net RSS feed


UVI™Workstation Main Features

UVI Workstation Manual

Two LFOs per oscillator equals 8-LFOs per patch. LFO 1 modulates Filter and Pitch, while LFO 2 modulates synthesis modulators: Analog Synth PWM and Hard Sync, Wavetable PWM, FM synthesis operator levels. LFO modulators can then be controlled by the Gate for very rhythmic type of effects and movements.


Two filters per oscillator. Filter 1 is a static filter with over 50 different filter choices, whereas filter 2 is an envelope filter featuring the Orberheim Xpander filter emulations. filter 2 features: Cutoff, Rez, K.Scale, Env, Velocity, Drive and a 4-stage envelope. That is 8-Filters per oscillator with all of the analog warmth similar to hardware.


Impulse response and convolution reverbs are used to mimic and model real life reverbs. In our case we were even able to model the classic warm tone of the Ensoniq™ ASR-10/DP4 reverb. You have at your disposal the same richness and feel of the infamous DP4 reverb and you have independent control for each oscillator.

We also included a ton of other VIP effects that mimic very intriguing and unique effects such as being under water, droplets, canyons, and other delay type of effects. Yes, you can do more with impulse responses other than modeling just reverbs.

As a bonus we have included all of the impulse responses from the Neo-Soul Keys® as well as the spring reverbs. We have also added 5-new spring reverbs that will allow you to actually mimic the reverbs used for many electro mechanical instruments such as bass, guitar, and electric pianos. You can mix and match as you please.


Convolution Reverb

We used IR Convolution Techniques in order to capture the warmth of the ASR-10/DP4 Reverb


You have a choice of either an arpeggiator or a gate for each oscillator. That is literally like having a 4-track sequencer for each preset. Imagine all of the elaborate sequences and pads you can create with that kind of power.

As an added bonus, a typical gate usually modulates just the volume, but we have added modulations to LFO 1 and LFO 2’s Rate and Depth. This will allow you to make amazing rhythmic modulations for EDM type of music.

Arp and Gate