Bassalicious is an soundbank pack for MonoFonik which requires Pure Synth® Version 1.2 or higher. Bassalicious features over 370 synth bass sounds--all of which are fully programmed and featuring LFO Mod Wheel, Aftertouch, and a ton of wobbly LFO goodness. We can honestly say, that this is one of the top monophonic synthesizers ever made, due to the 8-synthesis options. 8-Synthesis options is more synthesis power than 95% of any synthesizer on the market and you get your choice of combining 4-oscillators all with their own LFOs, Filters, and a full set of awesome UVI FX. This will be your new go-to synth bass library and of course we’ve made it super phat!

New Preset System

You will also be pleased to see that this is our first library to featuring our new preset system. You see, due to UVIs amazing
architecture and scripting, we load all of our synthesis and even samples (in the case of Pure Synth®) in one template. The benefit is that we have all of our resources fully loaded and ready for you to choose. Now to piggy back off of this, we’ve added the preset system that accesses your hardrive and not the monolith presets from the UVI Workstation. As a result, when presets are loaded, only the parameters are switched and the resources don’t have to be instantiated each time. Now you can save/load as you please using your own operating system’s file management, search, tagging, keywords, etc.. This method loads just as fast, if not faster, than the traditional monolith method. Now you can create your own shortcuts, favorites, and rename the presets what you want and save them as you wish. Best of all, now you have a way to send presets to your friends and fellow musicians in an easy and convenient way. We plan on furthering this preset system to be used across all of our libraries.

****Bassalicious is a soundbank for MonoFonik. MonoFonik is a free instrument update for Pure Synth Platinum Version 1.2